NEWS: Arrests made for Assault with a Firearm/Entering a Closed Disaster Area

From the Sheriff’s Office:

Yesterday evening at about 5:25 pm, Cal Fire requested emergency law enforcement assistance with a group of people who may have been involved in a shooting within the closed fire area near Deer Creek Rd. and Hartman Creek Rd. in Boulder Creek. Sheriff’s Deputies who were patrolling the evacuation area, responded and spoke with Jason Dixon, Nicole Papineau, Bernard Haagenson, Michael Carter, and Drake Geithner.

Deputies learned that Haagenson, Carter and Geithner noticed a vehicle parked near Geithner’s marijuana grow in the 100 block of Hartman Creek Rd. in Boulder Creek. Haagenson, Carter and Geithner thought the vehicle, occupied by Dixon and Papineau was involved in a previous theft at the grow.

Haagenson, Carter and Geithner confronted Dixon and Papineau in their vehicle. Papineau and Dixon claimed they were in the area looking for a lost dog. Geithner retrieved a shotgun and provided it to Haagenson. Haagenson pointed the shotgun at Dixon and Papineau. During the confrontation Haagenson was suspected of shooting both front tires of Dixon and Papineau’s vehicle, the front bumper and the hood of the vehicle which caused the shotgun blast to skip off the hood onto the windshield in front of Papineau. Carter was then suspected of threatening Dixon and Papineau with a baseball bat. Papineau and Dixon walked down Deer Creek Rd. till they met with Cal Fire personnel.

Deputies found a 12 gauge shotgun at the scene however found no evidence Dixon and Papineau were involved in a theft. Haagenson, Carter, Geithner, Dixon and Papineau were arrested for the listed charges and booked into the Santa Cruz Main Jail.


In The News: Santa Cruz County authorities cite concerns with outdoor marijuana plantations

Looks like some folks growing marijuana around Boulder Creek are creating a problem… not because they are growing marijuana, but because they are tearing down the forest, creating fire hazards, moving dirt into waterways and fouling fish habitat.

From the article:

“Firefighters are there to check for fire safety.

“When I get out of the truck, the first thing I say is, ‘As far as I’m concerned, this is a vineyard,'” he said.

If trees are cut down and the land is converted to a marijuana grow or any other use, the owner needs a timberland conversion permit, according to Cal Fire.”

The Santa Cruz Sentinel Reports. click HERE to read the article.


BUSTED: 1,200 mary J plants – Deer Creek Road

Looks like some folks chumps up on Deer Creek Road tried to combine people’s MM licenses to make a seriously large weed garden. Thanks JERKS for continuing to ruin and give a bad name to this medical marijuana privilege for the folks who actually may need it, and not use it for a profit.

More HERE from the Santa Cruz Sentinel


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