In The News: Santa Cruz County authorities cite concerns with outdoor marijuana plantations

Looks like some folks growing marijuana around Boulder Creek are creating a problem… not because they are growing marijuana, but because they are tearing down the forest, creating fire hazards, moving dirt into waterways and fouling fish habitat.

From the article:

“Firefighters are there to check for fire safety.

“When I get out of the truck, the first thing I say is, ‘As far as I’m concerned, this is a vineyard,'” he said.

If trees are cut down and the land is converted to a marijuana grow or any other use, the owner needs a timberland conversion permit, according to Cal Fire.”

The Santa Cruz Sentinel Reports. click HERE to read the article.


BUSTED: 1,200 mary J plants – Deer Creek Road

Looks like some folks chumps up on Deer Creek Road tried to combine people’s MM licenses to make a seriously large weed garden. Thanks JERKS for continuing to ruin and give a bad name to this medical marijuana privilege for the folks who actually may need it, and not use it for a profit.

More HERE from the Santa Cruz Sentinel


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