Sentinel: Boulder Creek residents eye town plan update: Residents express frustration over Hwy. 9 improvements

Kimberly White of the Santa Cruz Sentinel covered last night’s Boulder Creek town hall meeting with Bruce McPherson. From the article:

“If residents here had their way, a now-vacant lot in the downtown area would be turned into a plaza or park, and streets would glow with bright, welcoming lights as darkness begins to fall. Caltrans would quickly approve improvements along Highway 9, the main artery that runs through town, and the business sector would not expand into residential areas.”

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Town Plan Boulder Creek


Sentinel reviews Boulder Creek Brewery

The Santa Cruz Sentinel’s Ann Parker visited and reviewed The Boulder Creek Brewery. From the review:

“Michelle’s BLT-plus was scrumptious, the crisp-edged sweet potato fries adding a toothsome touch. Blissfully tender from its IPA beer bath, the grilled chicken was flavorful enough to stand up to the rest of the big sandwich’s ingredients: crisp bacon, thick-sliced tomato, thin-sliced red onion, lettuce, creamy avocado and a light but luscious layer of pesto mayonnaise.”

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The Terror of Jamison Creek

Jason Hoppin at the Santa Cruz Sentinel has writen an article on the coming Amgen Tour of California detailing Boulder Creek’s windy and steep Jamison Creek road. From the article:

“It’s a bad descent, that’s for sure. You have to be careful,” said Jim Langley, a local cycling journalist and aficionado. “It’s not like the Alps where you can see what’s around the corner.”

Click HERE to read the full article at the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

This Monday afternoon right on Boulder Creek, be sure to check the cyclists roll through.

Fire Bug and Phone Pranker gets Arrested . . .

Don’t make Larry Bourdeau mad or.. He’ll try to burn your house down!

Larry was arrested this week for making 7 prank phone calls to 911. He dialed 911 from every pay phone in Boulder Creek and then left the phone off of the hook. He was later booked for trying to set fire to the Mountain Store. It sounds like two “hero” teenagers put the fire out at the Mountain Store.

Click HERE to read more details from the Santa Cruz Sentinel…



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