Artist Spotlight #5 – Jean Butterfield

In preparation for the upcoming Boulder Creek Bluegrass and Old Time Festival, we will be featuring interviews with the performing bands. The Festival will be held March 9 and 10 at Scopazzi’s.

1. How do you describe your music or . . .  what style of music do you play?
Acoustic Folkgrass, Inspirational storytelling Americana. I play guitar now and also the bass when I record. When I first started music I played fiddle then added bass. Much later came the guitar. Unfortunately I dropped the fiddle some years ago.

2. Who is in the band?
I currently play solo, but much of my experience has been with bands.

3. When and where are you playing at the Boulder Creek Bluegrass Festival?
I am playing at 5 pm for 30 min. (short set) on Saturday March 10, 2012 at Scopazzi’s Restaurant.

4. Who are you influences?
Folk and country style singers like Kate Wolf and Emmylou Harris, Blugrass pickers on Guitar: Doc Watson & Toni Rice, Fiddle: Byron Berline and Mark O’Conner.

5. Is there a website people can visit to hear your music? No live music yet, but have CD cover pics and list of songs to be recorded. The song I am attaching is the title to my first CD called “Brothers In Time”. It is an original like many of my songs.

6. Anything else you’d like to say to the fine people of Boulder Creek?
Come out and enjoy what this festival is bringing to your area! There is a lot of great music and some musicians have traveled a long way to be here – like myself. I am from the Yosemite area. Thank you for your support.

Click Below to hear a sample of Jean’s music!



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