NOTES from the Rec and Parks Board of Directors Meeting – September 4, 2013

Boulder Creek Recs and Parks

The following members were present:

Tess Fitzgerald
George Galt
Diana Hamilton
Kim Main

Brian Valdivia was absent from the meeting

The meeting lasted an hour and half. There was the agenda with 23 pages of documentation covering such things as expenses and revenue for August, as well as news and notices the board had received in August. These included items such as: the California Special Districts Association requesting a feedback form, LAFCO including a sphere of influence study dated 7/1/2013 and an agenda from their 8/7/2013 meeting.


Junction park is going to have new signs to replace the ones that were stolen / vandalized. They are also looking at doing some improvements to the stairs to the beach.

Garrahan Park is going to have a pesticide treatment sometime in November a notice will be posted. The board was hoping they would not have to do this, and are planning to only do it once a year. There is currently a large problem with clover on the field which is attracting bees. I visited this park during a birthday party recently and the bees are a problem one child got stung while I was there. The board is hoping by doing it in November when it is less used and before the rainy season will limit the pesticides exposure to the environment and the general public.

Barbara Day Park is going to be having new signage as well stating no fishing with educational information about the river being a protected fishery, the populations and status of steelhead and coho as well as contact info for CDFW and or NOAA law enforcement.

The annual Art and Craft Fair is going to be November 16 and 17. Deadline for vender applications is September 30. $75 gets you a 10′ x 10′ size booth, space is limited.

The Strategic Plan Review Committee was created in 2011 and has finally appointed Tess Fitzgerald as their chair, the board is still working on appointing other positions.

George Galt gave an update regarding the radio station. There are two major items left regarding licensing on the station, #1 renew license paperwork currently in process, #2 transfer license to Boulder Creek. The group heading up the radio project is projecting the station will be going live July 1, 2014. There is a lot of work they need to do to make this happen, so far they have raised the initial funds needed . They also have to form a non-profit for them selves, and many other things. But the radio is going forward and looking good.

Regarding LAFCO there is a way that Boulder Creek Rec can expand their borders but it is not an easy process nor a cheap one. The initial fee is $10,000 that does not include the cost of creating maps and staff time. After discussing it the board agreed that the cost was not worth it, it would take way to many years to recoup the cost and there was no guarantee it would even work.

There is a Citizen Engagement Grant through Pepperdine and the board has agreed to move forward in the application process.

The last item of the night was regarding a piece of real estate that has come available for sale and that the park district would like to look into purchasing. The property is at 13375 Highway 9. The board agreed to look into it and see if it will meet their needs or could be a viable investment property earning more then what their funds currently does at the county.

Staff Report and Update was as follows:
Junction Park

  • Second Saturdays’ in the Park Feel Market
  • Improvements to our back-flow device to a lead free back-flow and improvements to our existing irrigation system.
  • Bidding process begins in September to look at costs of stairway improvements and or improved designs for path / walkway to beach area.
  • New signs ordered to replace old signs that were vandalized and or stolen.

Garrahan Park

  • Overview of Concerts in the park
  • Herbicide notice in late September / October to get ride of clover on field.

Barbara Day Park

  • NOAA and Fish and Wildlife have recommended some signage information for the river signs at the Dam.
  • Sign should include No Fishing and have educational and population statues of endangered steelhead and coho. How to contact CDFW or NOAA law enforcement.
  • New landscaping and signage: No Dogs Swim at own risk signs.
  • Donation of a handmade memorial bench has been approved for new seating at the park.


  • New floor buffering and polish
  • Dog Park group is planning to present at the October meeting and is interested in seeking advice from the BCRPD Board of directors about becoming a subcommittee.
  • Radio Community Group is continuing to meet to prepare a business plan and partnership agreement for the BCRPD Board to review before the November 2013 Board meeting.

Programs and Events

  • Afterschool program Kids Fun Days ongoing Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Save the DAte Tuesday 4-5pm Thriller Dance practice October 1-29th $50 for 5 weeks
  • She’s All That New Teens class starts September 18, 3-4:30pm
  • Tumbling class for preschool TBA early afternoon class
  • Friday Night Cooking with the Kids class, twice a month October, November, December will include cake decorating and holiday recipes ages 6 – adults
  • October 12 SLV Chili Cookoff 2-5pm tasting applications still available
  • November 16 & 17 Art & Craft Fair 11-4pm, $75 for 10 by 10 booth

You can see the agenda on their website under the meetings tab

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  1. I’m sorry but it still bums me out to have pesticides sprayed anywhere! The animals will get exposed to it even if it is off season for us. It never really goes away with the rain, it just travels somewhere else.


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