DIO Fest – Presale tickets – Through Saturday

– Presale Runs from to 15th at a discount price!
– You can find more info about this year’s fest and benefit for Camp Krem at http://diofest.com/info
– Volunteers can still request to get involved at diofest.com/get-invovled
– The organizers are looking for local businesses in Boulder Creek to partner with as official supporters of the festival.

Anyone interested in partnering with /supporting the festival can submit a request at diofest.com/supporters

Check out this year’s line-up HERE . Last year was an amazing event and it sold out.. if you want to go, buy your tickets early.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.13.06 PM

From the organizers:

DIO Fest is a family-friendly event! This year’s fest will be featuring the environmentally conscious puppet-show of Erin Inglish and her 2014 Earth * Bike * Banjo Tour! Also at DIO Fest are a kids playground, swimming pool and loads of outdoor space to have fun. There will also be an arts & crafts deck for kids. So don’t hesitate to bring the whole family to DIO Fest, just know that unless you have an on-site parking pass you’ll be riding the shuttle up to the fest with the kids!

DIO Fest is committed to having a low carbon foot-print! There will be recycling and solid waste bins everywhere, as well as ashtrays in the designated smoking areas. All festival attendees are encouraged to bring their own mugs & eating utensils to minimize waste from drinks & food. Camp Krem is our home, and therefore we treat like one. Last year we left DIO Fest sparkling clean & beautiful, let’s do it again!

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