Reader Question: Cross Loop?

Dear Boulder Creek Insider,

I love reading your blog. I am interested in possibly purchasing a home in a Boulder Creek neighborhood. On Google Maps, I’m seeing a trail or road or something called “Cross Loop” and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is. Please see my attachment image so you can see what I’m talking about. It is off of Hwy 9 between Cresta Dr. and 2 Bar Road. Any info would be very much appreciated.

Anyone know anything about “Cross Loop”? If so, please comment.


Reader Letter: Trying to reach Lynette George

Hello Boulder Creek People.

I got a notion to search for Lynette and Ted whom I married in Phoenix in 1983 at Canyon Lake. Quite a story there. Coming up on 30 years.

Could you please send this Hello to Lynette or give me an email address to contact.


Robert McNary, Harlowton, MT.


Our Response: We know Lynette as the Boulder Creek Library branch manager. We don’t know her email address, but we’ll look in to it. We would love to hear the story!





Question from a Reader . . . .

From a BC Insider Reader . . . .

I live in Brookdale, but I can hear the siren from here. What does it mean? Especially during rainy season, I’m curious, because as far as I know the only sirens (I’m talking about the LOUD, warning sirens) I should be able to hear are either from BC or BL. Is it calling the EMT’s that work out of the FD?

Anyone know the answer? Please email us or comment below.




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